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The first day of Miss Teenage Canada 2017 was such a whirl wind. Whether it was flying from BC to Toronto, meeting the other girls or waiting for our hotel rooms it was a complete blast!

The Sponsor Party for Miss Teenage Canada 2017 was held in the meeting in the meeting room of the Edward Village Hotel in Toronto Ontario.

Once everyone was introduced we got our provincial sashes, which we carefully put on over our crowns, and Miss Teenage Canada buttons. Next I started to visit our wonderful sponsors.

We are lucky enough to have been sponsored by Nine West Canada for our pageant shoes. I got to see the shoes that we are going to get to wear in the competition this weekend. We were all encouraged to take pictures with and try on the shoes that were on display for the party. I really can’t wait to get my shoes later this week, once they arrive.

The majority of Miss Teenage Canada Sponsors are medium to small size business who all see the positives in supporting this pageant and the young girls competing in it. All of these local business found their perfect reason for aligning with the MTC company.

Archer Dental from Toronto is the next company to sponsor us. We had Rob, an archer dentist, running the booth for us. When I visited the booth I got a new purple (one of my favourite colours) toothbrush and new toothpaste so I can keep my teeth nice and clean. The gifts were from Dr Natalie Archer. She is a local business owner who supports women studying science and has be a loyal sponsor of this pageant for many years now.

Photo from my Street Chic Article

Street Chic was also at our party. Lilly Liao was there for us to talk to and ask questions about the world of blogging. She also published over 30 of the fashion blogs that all of the delegates got to write for our previous assignment. Lilly did all of this just last week too! She was also kind enough to give us all earring, I got cute little silver bears.  Lilly’s magazine was so much fun to write for and I hope I get to do it again. This amazing lady just needs to keep doing what she is doing! Here is the link to my published article, Fashion on Montrose Ave.

Dahlia DeSouza also had a table with UpTotheTime Watches. She had different colours and styles of watches on display that we all got to try on and pose with. I picked the blue one because it is one of my favourite colours and I also really liked the details of the watch face. Whomever is crowned Miss Teenage Canada this Sunday will receive their favourite watch on top of the necklace every contestant already got from them. You can see my favourite watch up close on my instagram!

A music teacher from the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga, also known as Judy, is holding an Instagram contest with the hashtag #MTCSongSolo. Everyone was invited to select one of the five instruments provided to play and record a musical performance with them using #songselfie for the hashtag. the video with the most like by Wednesday at midnight will win a cordless microphone. Go and check out all of the amazing vices on performances on both of those hashtags You will not be disappointing.

Right before we cut the Welcome Cake

Hashtagio is a social midia platform that accumulates all of the photos we post to the Instagram feed #MTC2017. Like in previous years the best photos are being collected all week and will be displayed in the exclusive Go Behind the Scenes section of the website.  This feature is co-sponsored by Standard Telecom. We have been encouraged by them to to use our mobile devices and the hashtag to live post about what we are doing day to day!





Super Adorbs accessories has jewellery and accessories for all styles and occasions. Their home base is in Toronto, however, the company also sells online  and ships all across Canada! I got the cutest pink headband from Superadorbs! They have such a wide range of style anyone can find something they love.

This week has been so fun so far and I can’t wait to experience the rest of it! I want to send a big thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors! Each and everyone of you is truly amazing.


‘Till Next Time!

Georgia – Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2017

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Living in the Fraser Valley you get to see a lot of different fashion styles, especially in the summer. This year’s summer has been  quite hot with some days being close to 40 degrees Celsius! Thus staying cool is a big priority when picking out an outfit. I personally take fashion inspiration from all over the world and through many eras, though I have to say that the 60s are favourite! What I love about the street I chose, is that as you walk down it you will see so many different and unique styles that all look good. Montrose avenue in Abbotsford, BC is located at the heart of its historic downtown. Both sides of the street are full of bakeries, vintage shops, boutiques, music shops and so much more!

Veronica is a University student with a great sense of style. She is currently studying science at SFU but has decided to change her studies to become a fashion designer.

Camillie is a university student and loves to express herself through her fashion. Camillie and her two sisters run a fashion instagram (@fashionandfetch ) where they show off their different styles to the world.


If you wish to find out who Camillie and Veronica are wearing then go check out my article on Street Chic! There you will find out what inspires their fashion styles and where you can get the looks! 

‘Till Next Time!

Georgia – Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2017

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Hi everyone!

This past week all of the Miss Teenage Canada Delegates were asked to be travel ambassadors! We had to pick our favourite place within our region and write a post about it. It is so hard for me to pick my favourite place within the Fraser Valley as it is such a diverse beautiful place. Eventually I figured it out, with out further ado I give you my favourite place within the Fraser Valley, Lake of the Woods in Hope, BC!!

Lake of the Woods, also known as Schkam Lake, is a small, quiet lake located just off of highway one and right before the canyon. I love coming to this lake to just escape and enjoy nature and maybe a good book. The lake is a beautiful place to spend the day of just have a quick swim. Even if you just plan for a quick swim make sure you have the whole day because I guarantee you wont want to leave! Lake of the Woods truly has something for everyone, you can sit on the beach and enjoy the nature all around you or swim in the cool (but not to cold) water. This lake is even stocked so you can canoe to the middle and do a little fishing before you have a picnic lunch in the designated picnic area. Since its surrounded by trees there is enough shade to sit and relax in, as well as sun so you can work on that summer tan! Plus the lake is only a 5 minute drive from down town Hope. Which means if you’re not a picnic person you can go for a swim and have your beach day, then drive down the road and have lunch at one of the local restaurants, or do some shopping at the locally run and owned business. Once you’ve had lunch you can always head back to the lake for one last swim!

I love to take the scenic rout to Lake of the Woods down highway 7. The drive is so beautiful and I find it really puts you in the lake mood. One of my favourite things to do at the lake is to just float in the water. At this place the water is calm and clear so, as you float around you can see the bottom and if you are lucky enough maybe a fish or two. I believe the best part of the lake of the woods is that it is a smaller lake so it is warmer than the large lakes you might normally go to. I find this makes swimming more enjoyable. If you do end up getting cold though you can always lay in the sun to warm up 🙂 When its a hot summer day you can almost always find me at Lake of the Woods! (when I’m not working that is) I have to say that you truly get the best of both worlds at this lake. The serenity of nature and the convenience of civilization just down the street. My advice to you is go on that mini day vacation you have been trying t plan for weeks now and take all of your friends to this hidden gem in the Fraser Valley. All of your friends will ask how you found this place and it will become your new ‘go to’ lake! No need to thank me :p So go plan that lake day, and of course don’t forget to invite me!! It is after all, my favourite place in the Fraser Valley!!


Be sure to check out the vlog I made about my fun photo shoot at the lake!!



Till Next Time!

Georgia, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2017

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I want to give a huge thank you to my current sponsors! I will be updating this list as frequently as I can!!!

True North Distilleries 

Image result for true north distillery

1460 Central Ave, Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H9
(778) 879-4420

Sugar’d Chilliwack

46489 Mayfair Avenue
Chilliwack, BC


Ann Maries Cafe in Abbotsford

33771 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford
(604) 852-2610



Lori Johnson Photography



If you or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring me you can contact me on Facebook @missteenagefreaservalley2017 or at my email, missteenagefraservalley2017@gmail.com


Till Next Time

Georgia, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley

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These past few weeks have been very busy for me so, I thought I would make a quick blog post about them!!

This past May 3rd I volunteered at my local McDonald’s in Clearbrook Abbotsford for McHappy Day.  This is an annual charity event that McDonald’s hosts. The Ronald McDonald foundation helps thousands of family’s in their time of need and gives out different grants and scholarships to students across the country. This year I helped out by giving people their orders, talking to costumers in line and taking photos! I was so pleased to see the amount of volunteers and people coming in on their day off to help out with this event, it truly was ‘All hands on deck!’.  I want to give a huge thank you to all of the staff that helped me make this a great day, I couldn’t have done it without your help!


On May 6th I held a yard sale and Krispy Kreme fundraiser. My friends and family from all over donated items for me to sell along with the donuts. I was raising money for the charity Free the Children as well as my trip to Nationals in August.  This fundraiser was so fun and successful I plan on doing another one soon! It brings me joy to know that through hard work and dedication we can do so many great things! Thank you to everyone who donated, bought some donuts or found a piece of treasure! Each and everyone of you has contributed to a great cause!


Till Next Time!

Georgia, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2017

If anyone would like to donate or sponsor me you can contact me on facebook @MissTeenageFraserValley2017 or at my official email missteenagefraservalley2017@gmail.com

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Hello Everyone! I am Georgia, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2017. I can’t believe that I get to say that! This past weekend has been an amazing experience that I will remember forever! Not only did I win a title, I also made a lot of new friends. This was my first pageant and I was super nervous. I didn’t really know what to expect or how the other girls would be! I really hoped that everyone was going to be kind and supportive, kind of like ‘Miss congeniality’ and to my delight, they were!

Lets start this journey by letting you get to know me!

I have lived in the Fraser Valley for my entire life and I have always been active in the community. No automatic alt text available. At first it was cheerleading. When I was five years old I fell in love with the sport. I started by cheering for football, while that was fun I didn’t like standing in the rain for hours every weekend. So, I started competitive cheerleading and I did that for nine years. Through cheer I learned the importance of team work and supporting one another. I made amazing friends and I never wanted to stop. Sadly a few broken bones, a bad knee injury and one doctor later I had to stop. Cheer had always been a large part of my life and now I needed something to fill my time. This is when I found acting.

No automatic alt text available.I had just moved to a new city, switched school and given up, what at the time was, my life.  Then I found my new love, acting. I love that it gives me opportunities to be different people and to explore other worlds and characters. Now I work in the
film industry as an extra and primary actor. I am currently playing Sister Sophia in my school’s production of the Sound Of Music and I plan to be in many more plays and musicals as the years go on.

While I do have a love for the arts they are not the only thing I do. I have a passion for both math and science. Math has always been fun for me. I have always loved solving the equations and puzzles. Taking biology 12 and learning how my body worked was eye opening. To be able to ‘see’ the molecules in our bodies and know what they are doing when we, eat, or breath, or even sleep is a fantastic feeling. My passion for math and science is what fuels me to want to peruse a career in psychology. I want to explore the science of the mind and with that help people who need it.

Makeup and fashion are also things that I love to do! Special effects makeup is so much fun because I get to make different creatures come to life. Sometimes I will mix both of these into cosplay. In cosplay I use my fashion and makeup skills to bring different characters to life.


I express myself and put 100% into everything I do. Miss Teenage Canada will be no different! I am so excited to be Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2107 and to be able to compete at the national pageant. I can not wait to share this adventure with you, so be sure to check back here and my Facebook page for regular updates!

Till Next Time!

Georgia Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2107

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Hello everyone, I’m Madison from Hope, BC, your Miss Teenage Fraser Valley for 2015! (I smile crazily every time I say or even think of this)

Hope BC

the whole town fits in one photo... it's seriously that small.

This whole experience is so exciting and I can proudly say that I’ve never been apart of something this amazing, so here’s to an outstanding year ahead! I can’t wait to share it all with you. 🙂

I’ve always been a small town girl with big-time dreams and I’m so happy to say that travelling to Toronto for Miss Teenage Canada will enable me to reach so many of my long time goals.

Ever since I was young, I’ve dreamed of becoming a medical professional of some sort (a Pediatric Oncologist to be exact) and always made sure my grades in school & work ethic reflected these dreams. I’ve received honour roll achievements every single term since 5th grade, which was the first year someone is eligible to win the award, and never cease to push myself even further each day. I think this quality is extremely important in today’s world considering how independent the human race is becoming.

Aside from academic achievements, I’ve been involved in community & school leadership. In 9th grade I joined my school’s Leadership class and enjoyed every minute of it. We planned community and school events, while volunteering and making friends & amazing memories. I’ve always been so thankful for the impact that this class made on myself and others. I was taught so many things about myself and the world through this class & I feel as if I’m a better person because of it.

I’ve always been involved with athletics – starting with soccer at a young age, then moving more into gymnastics & cheerleading. I’ve travelled extensively with my All-Star cheerleading team, hitting up competitions in Hawaii, California & Texas. This was and still is my passion for so many reasons. I love setting goals for myself and obtaining new skills while making friends. Cheerleading enabled me to do all of this. The moment I walked in on my first day of practice back in 6th grade I knew this would be the love of my life.

Fusion Athletics Pl4tinum at NCA Nationals in Dallas 2014

my team, Fusion Athletics Pl4tinum at NCA Nationals in Dallas

After many years of intense training and multiple injuries, I had to give up this passion that I involved myself in. It was devastating to me. Multiple doctors had told me numerous times that I needed to quit, and I just kept on fighting it. I couldn’t find the strength to leave the one thing I truly felt passionate about. After 4 broken fingers, and dislocated thumb, 5 broken noses and 6 concussions I finally listened to the doctors & most importantly myself. I had to quit competitive cheerleading. It sucks, and sometimes I still feel overwhelmingly upset about it but I just think that if I wouldn’t have quit when I did, there’s a possibility that I wouldn’t be writing this post as Miss Teenage Fraser Valley right now.

Boating Accident Concussion

just one of the many documented concussions..


And as for now, I’m alive, I’m happy, and I’m Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2015. I’ve always been a strong believer in things happening for a reason. I know that whatever happens in life, the strong people will find their way and help guide others to do so also.

I’m so incredibly thankful to be where I am now, and honestly couldn’t have done any of it without my amazing friends & family. All of you are what motivate me to keep doing better every day.

I hope this post gave a little bit of insight on who I am and what I’m about. There’ll be many more blog posts to come, so stick around for a while! I promise not to disappoint.

Lots of love,


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