Last Friday I went to Cultus Lake in Chilliwack!

I’m happy that the weather was sunny. I find visiting Cultus Lake a lot more enjoyable in the sun. I went on a walk with my friend around the lake. We had lots of fun in the sun!

A map of Cultus Lake

Standing in front of the lake

It’s a very popular location during the summer. There are various activities that are available. You can swim, canoe, kayak, boat, hike, walk, bike, camp, ride horses, etc. I like to come here when its hot during the afternoon or evening. I usually go with my friends or family. There are picnic tables by the shore so you can eat when you get hungry for swimming.

View of the lake from the shore

View of the lake from the dock


A stunning view of the lake

Posing on the dock

Cultus Lake was fun to explore. I wish I brought my swimsuit!

Thanks for reading! Stay tune for more Fraser Valley action!

Shovanna P, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2014



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