Yesterday was the end of day 1. My flight out to Toronto was fun. I was on the same plane as Ariel, so I wasn’t alone.  I was nervous to fly out to Toronto because it was my first time flying by myself, but it was nice to have Ariel there with me. When I landed in Toronto I met Vanessa, Aashritha and Brooklyn. It’s also my first time in Toronto, but everything is so similar to Vancouver! It feels like I haven’t left home. It was interesting walking out of the airport while wearing our crowns. Lots of people stopped and stared at us. After our bus ride to the hotel, we got checked in at the hotel and went to our rooms.

I was really nervous about meeting my roommate. It was the one thing that was on my mind for the past few months. I was hoping she would be nice. I would like to introduce you to my roommate Tasha! She is very nice and she likes to sing and act! We have a lot in common. I am so happy she is my roommate!

In the evening we had our meet and great. We were able to meet the other girls! The first thing I thought when I entered the room with the girls was, “there are a lot of crowns in here.” There are about 65 girls, but they are all so nice and really easy to get along with. Next we met our amazing sponsors, Golden Glamour Goddesses, Hi-Tec, Motives and Wright Spa Mobile Services. After taking some pictures of our sponsors and their products we got to eat dinner. We ended the night by cutting the welcome to miss teenage canada cake.








So far I’m having a blast! I am looking forward to this week! Stay tuned for more updates about what I’m doing this week!

Shovanna P, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2014

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