As most people know, I am very passionate about solving the low self-esteem issues in our society, specifically around body image in girls. This is why I spend a lot of my time actually looking for self-esteem sites and different pictures on them and one thing I have noticed a lot lately is hatred for different bodies. The “skinny” girls dread being fat right? And everybody always is saying how bad that is. However, I’ve noticed a lot of (dare I say more?) the bigger girls hating on skinny girls. There are people saying stuff like “those anorexic girls are ugly and disgusting.” Now I know that everybody has a different taste in bodies and I celebrate and encourage that. However, that does not give anybody a right to hate on other people who have a different body shape than you whether it’s out of jealous, dislike, or anything else! Everybody is always promoting being healthy and loving your body but then are also saying that we can’t be skinny? I have a few friends who are naturally skinny and get so much hatred for looking anorexic when they truly are not. Body image is such a fine line nowadays because you can’t be skinny without being anorexic, and you can’t be bigger without being unhealthy. For me personally, I have always been kind of just a medium weight. So I have experienced both aspects of being told the way my body should look. I have had people who are a bit bigger telling me I look too skinny and that I need to eat more and get some meat on my bones. But then on the flip side I have had skinnier people who have encouraged me to lose a couple of pounds. And I’m just sitting here in the middle thinking “why can’t I just be where I am?” It doesn’t matter what other people think of your body because at the end of the day they will not be the soul in that body. Sure, there is definitely a health aspect that needs to be kept in mind. A thick boned, tall girl should not necessarily be at 100 pounds, such as a thin boned, short girl should not be reaching the 200’s and not be able to walk more than five minutes. It’s all about a fine balance and learning what your body needs in regards to exercise and food. You only have one body so treat it right. Now one person I’d like to look at for a “bigger” role model is Adele. After making it big, she was pressured by everybody to lose weight. You know what she said? “I make music for ears, not eyes.” You can tell though, that she is at a healthy weight and is beautiful. She loves the way she looks and so others see her beauty as well. In no ways, would I call Adele fat or unhealthy. Sure, she’s bigger than size zero but that does not make her any less beautiful or any less healthy. Now how about a smaller role model? For me, I love Miranda Kerr. I have seen lots of comments on how she’s too skinny or how she has no curves and is disgusting. However, she is naturally born with a smaller body and also works hard to keep it that way. She eats healthy and exercises which everybody always promotes so why is it so bad when she does it? Just because she’s skinnier? No. Her body is beautiful and healthy too which is a great thing. Then, there’s all the people in the middle too who are just as beautiful and just as healthy! Healthiness is seen in all different shapes and sizes. I have seen a size 12 be able to run laps around a size 00. I have also seen a size 00 eat about ten times more than a size 12. So next time you tell that bigger girl to lose weight you need to realize that she may be happy and love her body but the more people that tell her she is not beautiful then she will become unhappy. You also need to realize she may be even more healthy than you even if she’s bigger than you. And the next time you that that smaller girl to gain weight you need to realize that she may be happy and love her body but the more people that tell her she is not beautiful then she will become unhappy. You also need to realize she may be even more healthy than you even if she’s smaller than you. Sound familiar? Yes, you just read the same thing twice, because they are the same situation with two different beautiful girls. So let me give you a challenge: Be concerned with only your own body. Make sure you love your body, and make sure you are healthy. Stop measuring your beauty with the scale. Stop making judgments on others because you don’t know what’s on the inside or how their body was born to be. Most of all, learn the fact that “EveryBODY is beautiful” because it truly is.

Lots of love from a girl with a body that’s size is not important. Love from a girl with a body that’s healthy. Love from a girl with a soul that’s even more important than the body it is kept in.


Written by: Brittany Clough

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