Well ladies and gentlemen this is the day! I left British Columbia and my loving family for Toronto and Miss Teen Canada World! Last night was spent in the airport hotel as my flight departed at 8am and my parents didn’t want to have to wake up in Chilliwack at 3:30 am and drive all the way to Vancouver! I met up with Miss Teen Burnaby, Herleen, and Miss Teen Vancouver, Dani, and we took the same plane! I started reading “Me to We” on the plane and could not put it down. Some of the quotes I would like to share with you include: “True fulfillment starts with finding the courage to reach out.”, “Continue your journey. Learn as much as you can. And then go back home and tell other what you have seen and ask them if they think it is fair that places like this [third world countries] exist in this world. Because it’s the lack of action, the refusal from people at home to help, that allows this to continue.” and “… that war is bad, that tolerance and forgiveness are good, that our real enemy is anger and bitterness.” There were so many other good quotes and it really makes you think about your life and priorities. I highly suggest giving it a read. After landing, we met up with Paige, Amy, and Shelby. So five BC girls and one lone wolf from Alberta! We got to the hotel a bit later than everybody else and I was thrilled to find out my roommate is Danyelle! We have already established that we like the same music, and have similar interests! She’s such a sweetheart already and it’s going to make this whole week even better having such an awesome roomie!

Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Written by: Brittany Clough

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  1. Jenny says:

    Glad you made it safely to Toronto!! Enjoy every day!! Can’t wait to see you there. Love you! Mom

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