“My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci


SO many people ask me why I’m vegan. So I figured I would explain my reasons. Now first of all here is a couple things that should be cleared up right now:

-Vegans are not crazy. 

-There ARE other ways of getting protein and nutrients other than from animals.

-We do not believe we are better than you just because we don’t eat from animals.

-We are not doing it because we’re anorexic.

-We’re not doing it because we’re aliens.

Okay good. So now that we have that out of the way, let me explain my reasoning for going vegan. Let’s get something straight. I ate meat. A lot of meat. I mean some days I would just make four chicken breasts and eat that through out the day. It started off with cutting out beef and pork after watching a documentary on how the animals getting slaughtered are treated. I just couldn’t eat a burger after that without thinking of some animal crying out my name. I went a year without beef and pork when something happened. I live up in a mountain and there’s a ton of farms. So I was driving down the hill to head for coffee when a chicken somehow landed on my window shield (I swear it must have fallen out of the sky because chickens can’t fly or hop high enough to get onto my car), and so I hit it. I quickly parked to the side of the road to somehow help it (no idea what I thought I was going to do). So once I got out of my car and ran towards the chicken, it was doing back flips and squawking really crazily. I was going to go get help for it when two dogs came charging out and starting attacking it… let’s just say I started bawling and can not look at a piece of chicken or meat without knowing I killed one. Sometimes it takes witnessing what you’re doing to realize.

After that event, I became full vegan. What does vegan mean? Basically, if it comes from an animal vegans do not eat it. This includes meat, dairy, etc. This March marked my one year being a vegan. I’m not going to lie, it gets hard sometimes. Especially when I want a taco, or nachos. However, after a year I started to noticed my energy go down and I think it was due to a lack of protein in my diet so I started to add egg-whites in as well so I’m no longer full vegan.

Not to mention, the health benefits of going vegan are insane! Some of these include better cardiovascular health, beautiful from the organs out, decreases risk of heart problems, prostate, colon and breast cancer, arthritis. It helps with weight loss, energy, longer life, healthier skin, hair, nails, PMS, migraines and allergies. These are just some of the benefits of being a vegan. I know it’s hard, trust me, to go without meat or dairy but I highly encourage it to be something you try out sometime in your life. Also, I would like to point out that being a vegan is like anything else. We support it and like to encourage it but we will not hate those who do not live the same lifestyle as us, just like religion. I would like to encourage you to try a week vegan and see if you can feel the differences. Or do meatless monday! I’d like to admit also that, even though I am vegan, I sometimes make exceptions on special occasions (never with meat, just with dairy). For example, for my birthday I had a little bit of icecream. Or after prom I may have a pancake breakfast which contains dairy. I just like to try not to as often as possible, and I think vegan 362 days a year is still pretty awesome!

Try it out!

Lots of luck,

Brittany Clough 🙂

Written by: Brittany Clough

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  1. Natasha Bordiuk says:

    Hey Brittany, I am so proud of you! I was vegan for 6 years and I just changed to vegetarian. Not everyone realizes how many OTHER ways there are to get protein and nutrients. This blog post is great! I am excited to meet you in July! 🙂

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