Happy Earth Day!

The weather is amazing and the sun just keeps on shining!

This week I have been studying hard for my exams. Today I wanted to take a break  and celebrate Earth Day. So, my family and I decided to plant a tree in our front yard to celebrate Earth Day!

My challenge to you all today is to conserve energy! A simple way to do this is to turn off your lights or unplug your toaster.

I would also like to announce a new segment for my blogs. I’m going to call it “Fraser Valley Fridays.” Since I am representing the Fraser Valley I thought it would be important to get to know my district. So, I am going to dedicate my Fridays to exploring and getting to know my district. Every Friday I am going to blog about the various places I venture to in the Fraser Valley! Be sure to tune in every Friday to see where I will go!

I hope you all have a wonderful Earth Day! Stay green!

Shovanna P, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2014

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