Hello Everyone! I am Georgia, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2017. I can’t believe that I get to say that! This past weekend has been an amazing experience that I will remember forever! Not only did I win a title, I also made a lot of new friends. This was my first pageant and I was super nervous. I didn’t really know what to expect or how the other girls would be! I really hoped that everyone was going to be kind and supportive, kind of like ‘Miss congeniality’ and to my delight, they were!

Lets start this journey by letting you get to know me!

I have lived in the Fraser Valley for my entire life and I have always been active in the community. No automatic alt text available. At first it was cheerleading. When I was five years old I fell in love with the sport. I started by cheering for football, while that was fun I didn’t like standing in the rain for hours every weekend. So, I started competitive cheerleading and I did that for nine years. Through cheer I learned the importance of team work and supporting one another. I made amazing friends and I never wanted to stop. Sadly a few broken bones, a bad knee injury and one doctor later I had to stop. Cheer had always been a large part of my life and now I needed something to fill my time. This is when I found acting.

No automatic alt text available.I had just moved to a new city, switched school and given up, what at the time was, my life.  Then I found my new love, acting. I love that it gives me opportunities to be different people and to explore other worlds and characters. Now I work in the
film industry as an extra and primary actor. I am currently playing Sister Sophia in my school’s production of the Sound Of Music and I plan to be in many more plays and musicals as the years go on.

While I do have a love for the arts they are not the only thing I do. I have a passion for both math and science. Math has always been fun for me. I have always loved solving the equations and puzzles. Taking biology 12 and learning how my body worked was eye opening. To be able to ‘see’ the molecules in our bodies and know what they are doing when we, eat, or breath, or even sleep is a fantastic feeling. My passion for math and science is what fuels me to want to peruse a career in psychology. I want to explore the science of the mind and with that help people who need it.

Makeup and fashion are also things that I love to do! Special effects makeup is so much fun because I get to make different creatures come to life. Sometimes I will mix both of these into cosplay. In cosplay I use my fashion and makeup skills to bring different characters to life.


I express myself and put 100% into everything I do. Miss Teenage Canada will be no different! I am so excited to be Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2107 and to be able to compete at the national pageant. I can not wait to share this adventure with you, so be sure to check back here and my Facebook page for regular updates!

Till Next Time!

Georgia Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2107

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3 Responses to Hello From Georgia, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2017!

  1. C.A. Glover says:

    You sound like a very grounded young lady. I was pleased to hear that you not only are athletic but you also exercise you mind and stretch and direct it into different areas. To further your education is to help you ensure your future. Good luck in the future I would be proud to have you represent Canada as Miss Teenage Canada. Congratulations on becoming Miss Teen Fraser Valley!!

  2. Valerie Streber says:

    A wonderful introduction, thank you Georgia

  3. Marilyn Troyer says:

    Thank you for your lovely introduction Georgia. These are certainly exciting times for you and I wish you all the best. I knowl that no matter where life takes you, you will be approaching it with the same wonder, energy, excitement, and positivity that you have applied to the other endeavors in your life. Looking forward to hearing about the next steps.

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