Hello everyone, I’m Madison from Hope, BC, your Miss Teenage Fraser Valley for 2015! (I smile crazily every time I say or even think of this)

Hope BC

the whole town fits in one photo... it's seriously that small.

This whole experience is so exciting and I can proudly say that I’ve never been apart of something this amazing, so here’s to an outstanding year ahead! I can’t wait to share it all with you. 🙂

I’ve always been a small town girl with big-time dreams and I’m so happy to say that travelling to Toronto for Miss Teenage Canada will enable me to reach so many of my long time goals.

Ever since I was young, I’ve dreamed of becoming a medical professional of some sort (a Pediatric Oncologist to be exact) and always made sure my grades in school & work ethic reflected these dreams. I’ve received honour roll achievements every single term since 5th grade, which was the first year someone is eligible to win the award, and never cease to push myself even further each day. I think this quality is extremely important in today’s world considering how independent the human race is becoming.

Aside from academic achievements, I’ve been involved in community & school leadership. In 9th grade I joined my school’s Leadership class and enjoyed every minute of it. We planned community and school events, while volunteering and making friends & amazing memories. I’ve always been so thankful for the impact that this class made on myself and others. I was taught so many things about myself and the world through this class & I feel as if I’m a better person because of it.

I’ve always been involved with athletics – starting with soccer at a young age, then moving more into gymnastics & cheerleading. I’ve travelled extensively with my All-Star cheerleading team, hitting up competitions in Hawaii, California & Texas. This was and still is my passion for so many reasons. I love setting goals for myself and obtaining new skills while making friends. Cheerleading enabled me to do all of this. The moment I walked in on my first day of practice back in 6th grade I knew this would be the love of my life.

Fusion Athletics Pl4tinum at NCA Nationals in Dallas 2014

my team, Fusion Athletics Pl4tinum at NCA Nationals in Dallas

After many years of intense training and multiple injuries, I had to give up this passion that I involved myself in. It was devastating to me. Multiple doctors had told me numerous times that I needed to quit, and I just kept on fighting it. I couldn’t find the strength to leave the one thing I truly felt passionate about. After 4 broken fingers, and dislocated thumb, 5 broken noses and 6 concussions I finally listened to the doctors & most importantly myself. I had to quit competitive cheerleading. It sucks, and sometimes I still feel overwhelmingly upset about it but I just think that if I wouldn’t have quit when I did, there’s a possibility that I wouldn’t be writing this post as Miss Teenage Fraser Valley right now.

Boating Accident Concussion

just one of the many documented concussions..


And as for now, I’m alive, I’m happy, and I’m Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2015. I’ve always been a strong believer in things happening for a reason. I know that whatever happens in life, the strong people will find their way and help guide others to do so also.

I’m so incredibly thankful to be where I am now, and honestly couldn’t have done any of it without my amazing friends & family. All of you are what motivate me to keep doing better every day.

I hope this post gave a little bit of insight on who I am and what I’m about. There’ll be many more blog posts to come, so stick around for a while! I promise not to disappoint.

Lots of love,


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