CIS stands for Canadian Information Services. The Canadian Cancer Society is a nonprofit organization that has so many wonderful resources available to cancer patients and families.

I have had a history of cancer in my family, and I never knew about the services and support available to cancer patients and their families. When I started volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society Chilliwack-Unit, I learned about all of the support and services that are available to the community. I also learned that a lot of people don’t know about these services. I want people to know about all of the support available to them. Here are a list of some of the services available.

They have Cancer Information Services available to cancer patients, caregivers or the general public. Here you are able to ask any questions that you have and you will receive and answer from a qualified representative. You can ask questions like cancer treatments and side effects, how to prevent cancer and how to cope with cancer. Any questions you have will be answered.

There is a program called Cancer Connections that is available to patients or caregivers. This is a free, confidential service where a cancer patient or caregiver is able to talk with another person who has had a similar cancer experience. These people are matched not only by diagnosis, but by lifestyle and similarities as well. This is a great service for people who need emotional support and so they don’t feel alone. There is also an online Cancer Connection service available 24 hours a day.


The Canadian Cancer Society has affordable transportation and accommodation available to cancer patients. Volunteer drivers are able to drive cancer patients to surgeries or appointments. The lodges are located across the province and have 24 hour support and care from volunteers and staff.

Finally there is a Camp Goodtimes available to teenagers and kids. This allows kids to have fun and get together with other kids going through the same experience. Kids and their families are able to have a recreational experience with 24 hour medical supervision.

There is also financial support, Wig Lending Program and breast prostheses available to cancer patients. The financial support gives limited, short-term assistance for cancer related expenses. The Wig lending and breast prostheses are available to cancer patients at no cost.

If you know of anybody going through an experience involving cancer, let them know of these services. I want cancer patients and families to know that they are not alone and that there are a lot of people supporting them.

The phone number for CIS is 1-888-939-3333 and the website is

Together we can make a difference and help others!

Shovanna P, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2014

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