In a world with so much television, and so many products to sell, it is hard to remember just one. It’s like going grocery shopping and you need so much food that you’re most likely to forget the bananas, or the cereal. So with commercials on cars, laundry soap, or jewelry, on the television, radio or billboards it is hard to make that one product commercial that will pop out and stick in everybody’s minds. So when I was given the challenge of making a commercial for Signature Towels I got excited and put on my thinking cap. To be honest, I didn’t have television until just over a year ago and still don’t watch it so I haven’t seen many commercials but I have been doing lots of research. There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when making a commercial:


This is an important question as how you portray the information will be dependent on whose attention you are trying to capture. For example, if you are wanting to get a teenager’s attention, you won’t want to use older references. Likewise for an adult’s attention, you mustn’t put Justin Bieber or make jokes that are at a teenager’s maturity level.


It is important to know what information you need to get across so that nothing important is missed. Things you have to think about include the product, a description of it, it’s purpose, pricing, side effects/guarantees, where you can get it, etc.

Towels are something that can be used from the birth to death meaning that the target audience is everybody. This makes things a bit harder as it is harder to settle on a theme for such a large audience. That is why I decided to use Linus Peanuts from Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown is a comic that is loved and known by all ages. It was around when my parents were growing up and is still something quite appreciated by people my age and younger. Everybody knows who these characters are and that is why I believe it would catch the attention of all. Here’s how it would go:

0:00 – 0:03

It would start off with a person slowly opening a door from the inside. Underneath the beginning portion, the Charlie Brown theme music would be playing. This would grab the attention of a sense other than just the eyes. Everybody knows the song so even if they weren’t watching the tv (grabbing food, reading, or just away from the tv during commercial break) then this song would bring them back in. The door opening would also interest them as they’d be asking “What are they opening the door to?” It would create a bit of suspense which always is a good thing to draw people in.

0:04 – 0:07

Next would show a shot of Linus sucking his thumb without his signature blanket (or in this case, his signature towel). The following dialogue would occur between the two characters:

Linus: Have you seen my towel?

Person: No.

*Sound of door slamming*

0:08 – 0:11

A new door with a new voice. The shot would still be on Linus without a view of who is answering the door.

Linus: Have YOU seen my towel?

Person: No.

*Sound of door slamming*

0:12 – 0:17

The next shot would be at yet another door. Linus is far more desperate and you can see it in his body language and hear it in his voice. This time when he asks, things go differently!


Person: YES! Is this it?

The person would then hold up quite a fantastic looking towel with lots of colour and images on it (the kind of thing one would think a kid of Linus’ age would enjoy) however Linus’ face drops upon seeing the towel, shakes his head and replies with:

Linus: No.

0:18 – 0:21

Sad music (unquestionably full of violins and no lyrics), would play while we watch Linus sadly walking in the rain, kicking at dirt and rocks. The kind of scene that shows how much he misses his towel and how much it meant for him. While this scene is playing it most likely remind us all of a situation where we felt just as desperate and lonely as he does in that moment. This will then allow the audience to connect with his pain. SUDDENLY THE MUSIC SCRATCHES AND CHANGES INTO……

0:22 – 0:26

The  song Hallelujah would play loudy for the first two hallelujahs while we watch Linus find his towel on the ground and his face light up. After that, the music would decrescendo into background music while a deep male’s voice says:

“When you feel like you’ve lost everything….life gives you back your personalized towel.”

While that voice is speaking, we would see Linus dancing with his towel as if it were a real person.

0:27 – 0:30

For the final scene, it would show a picture of the towel up close while the same male’s voice says:

“No side effects. No doctor’s prescription needed. Lifetime guarantee of towel happiness and love or your money back.”

And then the commercial would be finished!

Now, if I had $250K I could use some pretty good actors considering the set would not need to be too elaborate, neither would costumes. Once again, it would have to be an actor that would catch all people’s attention so I would ask Robert Downey Jr to be Linus. It would really draw people in as all ages know who Robert Downey Jr is, and most people love him. The first person to open the door would be Daniel Radcliffe because it would be cheap enough to hire him for 3 seconds but would definitely make the commercial well known as everybody knows and loves Harry Potter. For identical reasons, I would choose Ellen for the second person to open the door. The third and final person to open the door would by Ryan Gosling because he has become very well known world wide and all the girls would swoon. Even males enjoy Ryan Gosling. So most of the budget would be spent on the actors, while everything else would be fairly simple. This would bring many people in and everybody would be talking about it because all the celebrities are using the towels. I believe for a commercial that’s only 30 seconds the actors would make more of an impact than expensive costumes or set. After that, the budget would be spent on film crew, and the director (me). And to be fairly honest, I would charge cheap because it would be a good commercial to start me off and get                                                     my name out there.

Once more I’d like to thank Signature Towels and their wonderful personalized bath towels for sponsoring this blog post.Anything personalized is always that much better, especially when it’s something that you use as often as towels.


Written by: Brittany Clough
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3 Responses to Personalized is So Much Better

  1. Love how you girls all think out the actors 😉
    Good job on the links too.

  2. Rob Campbell says:

    ok couple of things. lots of thought went into this.
    Never use center justify when blogging – its so high school.
    align pictures of people moving (or looking or somehow ‘acting’) toward the text, not toward margins
    great references! ha ha

    • Brittany Clough says:

      Okay, I changed the center justify on this one and shall change it on the others next! I am a bit confused about the second comment though, maybe an example could help? Thanks! 🙂

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