Last Saturday I volunteered for the Relay for Life event at Sardis Secondary. The relay for life is a 12 hour run. There are several teams that run continuously for 12 hours! Theses teams always make sure that there is at least one person from their team on the track at all times.

Opening Speech

The survivors doing the first lap

The fist people to walk the track are the survivors. These are people who have beaten cancer. Every year they get the honour of walking the first lap.

All teams starting the relay

All of the teams join the survivors on the second lap. They do this for 12 hours!

Tug-of-War with the teams

My spaghetti and marshmallow bridge

However, everyone needs a break from walking. So, there are games that the teams can participate in  every hour! These include learning card games, ballon art, mini games, minute to win it games, a scavenger hunt, etc. At the half way point they had a tug-of-war contest between all of the teams. They also had a contest to see who could built the strongest,  most creative and tallest structure using spaghetti and marshmallows. I was able to build the strongest structure! These games were a great way to keep the participants (especially the kids) entertained throughout the relay.

Me standing in front of the lights of hope

At 9pm they had a luminary ceremony. A luminary is a candle in a white bag dedicated to someone that is fighting cancer or has passed away because of cancer. You are able to decorate the white bag with crayons and stickers. This makes each one unique and personal. At 9pm the luminaries are lined around the track and lit. This ceremony honours the many people that have and are fighting cancer. I got the honour of lighting the “hope” with some other volunteer!

All the proceeds from the event go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

I had lots of fun volunteering with at the relay for life event. I met a lot of people and got the chance to talk to some survivors. I spent 8 hours volunteering at the event! But, those were 8 hours well spent. I would love to volunteer next year. I might even start a team!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a post about the Mothers Day Celebration I will be Volunteering on May 11th!

Have a great Day!

Shovanna P, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2014

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