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This past week all of the Miss Teenage Canada Delegates were asked to be travel ambassadors! We had to pick our favourite place within our region and write a post about it. It is so hard for me to pick my favourite place within the Fraser Valley as it is such a diverse beautiful place. Eventually I figured it out, with out further ado I give you my favourite place within the Fraser Valley, Lake of the Woods in Hope, BC!!

Lake of the Woods, also known as Schkam Lake, is a small, quiet lake located just off of highway one and right before the canyon. I love coming to this lake to just escape and enjoy nature and maybe a good book. The lake is a beautiful place to spend the day of just have a quick swim. Even if you just plan for a quick swim make sure you have the whole day because I guarantee you wont want to leave! Lake of the Woods truly has something for everyone, you can sit on the beach and enjoy the nature all around you or swim in the cool (but not to cold) water. This lake is even stocked so you can canoe to the middle and do a little fishing before you have a picnic lunch in the designated picnic area. Since its surrounded by trees there is enough shade to sit and relax in, as well as sun so you can work on that summer tan! Plus the lake is only a 5 minute drive from down town Hope. Which means if you’re not a picnic person you can go for a swim and have your beach day, then drive down the road and have lunch at one of the local restaurants, or do some shopping at the locally run and owned business. Once you’ve had lunch you can always head back to the lake for one last swim!

I love to take the scenic rout to Lake of the Woods down highway 7. The drive is so beautiful and I find it really puts you in the lake mood. One of my favourite things to do at the lake is to just float in the water. At this place the water is calm and clear so, as you float around you can see the bottom and if you are lucky enough maybe a fish or two. I believe the best part of the lake of the woods is that it is a smaller lake so it is warmer than the large lakes you might normally go to. I find this makes swimming more enjoyable. If you do end up getting cold though you can always lay in the sun to warm up 🙂 When its a hot summer day you can almost always find me at Lake of the Woods! (when I’m not working that is) I have to say that you truly get the best of both worlds at this lake. The serenity of nature and the convenience of civilization just down the street. My advice to you is go on that mini day vacation you have been trying t plan for weeks now and take all of your friends to this hidden gem in the Fraser Valley. All of your friends will ask how you found this place and it will become your new ‘go to’ lake! No need to thank me :p So go plan that lake day, and of course don’t forget to invite me!! It is after all, my favourite place in the Fraser Valley!!


Be sure to check out the vlog I made about my fun photo shoot at the lake!!



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  1. Miss Teenage Avalon says:

    It sounds so peaceful there! Great job writing 🙂

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