Most people associate pageants with beautiful girls and flashy gowns, but there is more to pageants than that. Pageants are a great way for individuals to express their personality, creativity, passion and intelligence. These individuals are also recognized for their achievements. The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant does an amazing job looking for ambitious teenage girls that have these qualities.

Michelle Weswaldi

Most people remember the original Miss Teenage Canada Pageant from 1969-1971. It was later renamed Miss Teen Canada from 1972 until it discontinued in 1990. This pageant, along with many other pageants in Canada, are owned by different companies. The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant, formerly called Miss Teen Canada-World, is owned by MTC-W Inc. and produced by Michelle Weswaldi.

The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant’s mission is to give all teenage girls in Canada an opportunity to show their inner beauty, active role in their community, promote their platform and become role models for other girls. Their motto is “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.” In addition, they are the largest Canadian Teen Pageant, close to Miss Teen USA. The Miss Teenage Canada pageant also has the most media exposure, delegates and celebrity judges and hosts. This  includes celebrity judge, singer, songwriter, actress and model, Sarah Fisher and celebrity host and actor, Luke Bilyk.

Sarah Fisher

Luke Bilyk







Contenders at the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant not only compete in the pageant but receive training, workshops and seminars with experts such as Shawn Cuffie. Contenders also receive valuable skills such as responsibility, public speaking, community outreach and image development.

Shawn Cuffie

Some of the previous winners were Katie Starke in 2008, Siera Bearchell in 2009, Channing Killi Smendziuk in 2010, Lauren Howe in 2011 and Megha Sandu in 2012. The reigning Miss Teenage Canada is Jillian Martin for 2013. All of these girls are ambitious, talented, intelligent and driven individuals. They volunteer in their community and are great role models for all girls in Canada.

Megha Sandu speaking at We Day.

These winners made appearances at Royal Winter Fair, Etalk, Breakfast Television and spoke in front of thousands of people at We Day and sporting events. They also received a 3 week Me to We trip to countries like Kenya and Ecuador. They assisted building schools, water ways, met new people and learned about new cultures. In addition to all of these amazing appearances, Miss Teenage Canada receives over $25,000 in cash and prizes!

The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant has charitable alliances with various charities across Canada. Their main focus is Free the Children. Free the Children is an international charity that creates educational opportunities for children and empower communities to break the cycle of poverty. They also empower youth to be global agents of change. The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant has raised over $190, 000.00 to various charities.

Siera Bearchell having fun in Kenya.

These are some of the things that make the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant stand out. I chose the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant because it has a good reputation. It is well known in Canada and it also supports many charities in Canada and abroad. I learned about the pageant through my friend who had competed in 2012. I did more research and found their Facebook page and website. Finally I filled out an application online. I believe that is one of the best decisions I have made! I chose to enter the pageant to gain experience, confidence and meet new people. I was also curious about pageants, and I thought the best way to learn about them would to be in one. I have gained confidence and find public speaking a lot easier since the pageant.

Me volunteering for the Run for Mom 2014.

I have volunteered for the Run for Mom, Relay for Life and MS Walk. I was in the Canada Day Parade in Downtown Vancouver. I am an official office volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Chilliwack Unit. I am also an ambassador for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Tanning is Out Campaign. If I received the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2014 I would be able to promote my platform on a larger scale. My platform is to raise awareness about the resources, support and services available to cancer patients and their families through the Canadian Cancer Society. My family has had a history of cancer. We did not know about all of the services the Canadian Cancer Society had to offer. I want other cancer patients and families to know that there is support out there for them. I hope I can make a difference in peoples’ lives.

I would be honoured to be Miss Teenage Canada 2014 and I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity to help others.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a better understanding of pageants!

Shovanna, Miss Teenage Fraser Valley 2014




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